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for Learning to Type
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A Unique Educational Tool for Learning to Type
and Efficient Word Processing

4 Basic Reasons Why Every Child Needs ASDF Glove:  ACCURACY for SUCESSFUL DATA processing FAST

1. Typing skills instill ACCURACY.  The minimum typing speed is 40 words per minute. When your child is able to type at standard speed and accuracy, your child will be more efficient in his or her future. With eyes on paper or monitor and eyes NEVER looking down at keyboard, your child wearing ASDFGloves will develop speed and accuracy with every physical contact of keyboard and fingers. When wearing ASDFGloves, your child will maneuver all ten fingers, with speed and accuracy, across the keyboard starting with practicing the home keys of ASDF, space bar and ;LKJ keys while wearing ASDFGloves.

2. Typing skills bring SUCCESS and success brings happiness.  Think about all the courses your child will have to take during elementary, Jr. High, High School & college and even the workplace. Most classes and jobs require typing, especially computer courses. Most classes your child take will require type written reports.  Knowing how to type with speed and accuracy will allow more free time to explore, innovate and socializing and all sorts of wonderful things to succeed in life.  When your child succeed, you succeed

3. DATA processing enhances other skills such as writing, spelling, and grammar.  Your child can type his or her own information, setup forms, type letters, write reports and memos. These are documents that are required on a daily basis in future career.  As a result your child will excel in school & workplace. Your child will become more marketable and more employable. The minimum typing speed is 40 words per minute. So give your child a head start with ASDFGloves.  When your child succeed, you succeed.

4. FAST fosters imagination, brings creativity and fun by composing letters into words and then into sentences reflexively. The hands, wrists, fingers and eyes coordination is very important in typing. When your child wear ASDFGloves, he or she will start to learn typing home keys properly as a foundation. This will enable your child to look at something other than the computer keyboard and instead type using proper hand, wrist and finger on the keyboard. Hand and eye coordination is extremely valuable. So have your child wear ASDFGloves, practice and start to type early in life so that by the end of elementary school, your child would have already mastered hand, wrist, finger and eye coordination. Even if your child has poor handwriting, typing his or her work will be neater and easier to edit and easer for teachers to read.

About Us

ASDFGloves: Do you want your child to live up to his or her potential? 

You: Yes. HOW?

ASDFGloves: Get your child to learn to type as early as 3+years old.

You: WHAT? My child is still in diapers using a pacifier. Are you nuts?

ASDFGloves: I am not nuts. I am proactive. You know what they say about “…early bird…. catches the first worms…” Knowing how to maneuver all ten fingers on the PC key board will enable your child maximum utilization of both hands which is necessary to achieve maximum typing potential.  Every physical contact your child has while wearing ASDF Learn To Type Gloves with the PC keyboard will help to make him or her more efficient. The key to efficient typing is streamlined movement of the fingers across the keyboard…a special skill enabled by using ASDF Learn to Type Gloves. 

ASDFGloves: Can you think of any other way that will serve your child better in developing this skill?  Give your child an early start in typing skills. Invest in a pair of ASDF Learn to Type Gloves.  These multipurpose gloves are like training wheels for the fingers on the PC keyboard just like a tricycle on the road. You can help your child improve his/her typing skills by providing the proper tools. The proper tools consist of a sturdy PC Keyboard and a pair of ASDF Learn to Type Gloves.  Knowing how to maneuver all ten fingers on the key board will enable your child maximum utilization of both hands which is necessary to achieve maximum typing potential.  ASDF Learn To Type Gloves will help your child become proficient typist by learning the home keys first.

ASDFGloves: Being technologically savvy is an important skill that children will carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. ASDF gloves help children become proficient at typing, a useful ability in the corporate world. Based in New York, has created this educational tool for children to remember how to use the keyboard for efficient word processing. These efficient word processing skills will build a foundation that will eventually help the children produce book reports, term papers and function in a virtual classroom. This will grant the children access to better job offers, earning more money and having a better quality of life in their future.

The concept of ASDF gloves came from a mother as she observed her child's need to start building basic skills as early as possible. She became driven to make sure her child is well-versed with basic computer data processing skills at kindergarten level. So, born was the ASDF gloves with letters attached to them so her daughter will figure out where each key was, and which finger to use to process words on her personal computer. As this served as an effective and fun tool for her child's education, she came to realize that this concept could benefit other children as well.

ASDF Gloves

Learning how to type at a young age can be a difficult, overwhelming task to take on. With the ASDF gloves from, you never have to worry about that for your little ones. ASDF gloves help children develop their keyboard typing skills. It is important that children start to learn the right way to type at an early age. Our special ASDF gloves help kids develop the mental reflexes to become proficient at typing. Children can use them in many different ways, whether while playing outside or playing on a tablet.

Keyboard Typing


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